Wells-next-the-sea is a stunning seaside town in North Norfolk. The beach that is located 1 mile from the town is considered one of the nicest beaches in the east of england. The beach itself is an expanse of beautiful sand that stretches for what seems like miles at low tide. There is a selected area of the beach that allows dogs onto it and is why the beach is a popular place for dog walkers and lovers,

There is a large car park (around £9 a day) next to the beach which can get very busy, so it is suggested to get there early, an option to travel by the Wells Harbour Railway, a 10¼” gauge miniature railway is also available. A cafe is situated on the edge of the car park which has accessible toilets located inside. Once off the beach it is also possible to walk into wells along a calm pathway. A small forest surrounds the beach which can be explored and can be a good break from the sun.

The beach is visited by lots of families where crabbing is a popular activity. Reading a book by the line of beach huts, having a picnic, tucking into wonderful and delicious fish and chips are all activities that can be enjoyed in the roaring sun. The sea in the summer is always nice and warm allowing you to enjoy a swim all paddle all throughout the day.

During the summer wells-next-the-sea gets extremely busy so it is suggested to get there early in the morning or on non peak days. The beach can be a very mindful experience which can last hours. This is not a place to be missed and if I have not convinced you then hopefully the pictures will.


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