Animal crossing is a magical and calming game that has been around for many years. It has a huge fan following and is loved by the younger and older generation. But I will be focusing on why Animal Crossing New Horizons is so great for your mental wellbeing and what’s include in this beautiful game.

Living on a tropical Island

As a young kid or even an adult have you not just wanted to start a new life on a tropical island, leaving the rest of the world behind you? Well Animal Crossing New Horizons allows you to do just that. Make the island your own personal paradise as you can build the island of your dreams. Picking the location of resident’s houses and decorating their gardens as well as the surrounding area, the player has full control. Having Full control over an island can be useful for players that sense that they have little control in the world around them outside the game. The islands weather changes with the real-life seasons and can add that extra special touch to the game.


The soothing music that accompanies you while playing animal crossing has to be considered one of the most relaxing soundtracks in video game history. The simple tunes which mainly consists of light guitar, adds to the relaxing nature of the game and helps create a chilled vibe that helps you enjoy the simple activities more.   

Simple tasks and activities

Fishing, furniture building, bug catching, fossil finding and creating the perfect island are some of the calming activities that you participate in. Each activity can be done for a few minutes or a few hours and it will still be relaxing and fun as each second ticks by. On some occasions you can spend 2 hours fishing and others just 10 minutes bug catching, both having the same relaxing impact on the player.      

The islanders that you coexist with  

The islanders that share the experience of the journey with you make this game special. I started sharing an island with a frog named Scooter who is a gym freak and will always talk about exercise. I also shared the island with Bianca the tiger who wants to be a pop star. These residents explore the island going about their life throughout the day and even send you mail from time to time. These animals can help people of all ages that struggle with isolation and social anxiety, celebrating key events like Halloween, Christmas and the players birthday can help a person feel less alone on these dates.

The Museum    

Run by an owl called Blathers, the museum offers a space to show off your collection of fish, bugs and fossils. It is also one of the most calming and relaxing places in the game. The soft piano that accompanies you while exploring the museum is super relaxing. The museum is huge, and you can easily get lost exploring your fish and bugs for hours. My favourite place is the butterfly house shown in the picture above which I sometimes leave on the screen if I have work to do because of its relaxing nature.

Environment sounds

The sound of leaves rustling under the feet of the player, waves crashing against the sand, the wind whooshing the leaves on the trees. These sounds along with music adds to the calming nature of the game. My family love to sit, watch and listen to me play animal crossing as it relaxes them, the environment sounds play a massive part in this.

Something to wake up to and get you through the day

Waking up in the morning never got better, as the island always has something waiting for you. Have you payed off your mortgage with Tom Nook? The following day will have a nice house conversion waiting. Maybe you planted some flowers or trees. Logging back in after a hard day at work or university and tending to your flowers for 5 minutes can be a nice way to relieve stress and get you back into the room. Maybe mystery animals will appear, in the above image this dragon will buy bugs for a larger price than the local shop for one day only and was a nice surprise when starting up the game.


This game helps the writer to relax and unwind after a stressful day’s work. I know a lot of people that have played an animal crossing game and have said that it has helped with their anxiety and depression. I can also vouch for this and is why the game is priceless for many people. Sometimes 10 minutes of fishing makes all the difference or building a new home for a recently arrived resident can allow you to relax your mind. If you have not got this game, then what are you waiting for?

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