Exploring Orwell country park and shore, ipswich, suffolk.

Spanning 470 acres Orwell country park and shore is a wonderful natural beauty spot located in Ipswich, Suffolk. Hours of exploring is to be had at this location, a great place to also fish in the river Orwell and to do some Yoga or running. I am fortunate enough to live 15 minutes away from this site, so I have experienced this location in all of the seasons. It really is a place you can visit all year round with bluebells sitting in the spring sun or a blanket of snow covering the entire forest in the winter, it really is a great place to explore.   

That being said there are no facilities at this location meaning no shops or toilets which although has its negatives it does ensure that people do not spend all day here. Paths off the main walk can be uneven and steep but secluded and special spots can be found by taking detours. The country park is home to a range of birds and animals on the shore and in the woodland area, the wildlife here is endless and is well protected. At list of the wildlife can be found here at https://www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/wildlife.

Bench’s are located all throughout the forest and shore with lots of relaxing viewpoints, sitting in a different spot allows you to experience the different sights and sounds the forest and the animals that inhibit it have to offer. Fallen trees that have not stood the test of time occupy spots along the beach which can also be a great place to sit.  Views of Orwell bridge are spectacular, and you even have the opportunity to walk underneath it.

Two car parks and 6 entrances can be found to enter Orwell country park. In the summer months these car parks can get very busy as this spot is popular with dog walkers and families. A golf course and Camp site are also located outside the park. Location of the car parks can be found here. https://www.ipswich.gov.uk/content/how-find-orwell-country-park

Overall, I would say this location is a must visit in the Suffolk area. It is a very popular location for people to get away from town life and enjoy nature. From dog walkers to yoga lovers this location is a great choice. I hoped you enjoyed my collection of pictures that I feel confident will do Orwell Country Park justice.  

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