A vegan and vegetarian friendly salad that is quick & extremely tasty, perfect for a sunny day. A vibrant and colourful dish, this recipe Serves 4 as a snack or 2 as a main meal. The recipe does use focaccia bread which you can find the recipe for here but it is also possible to use shop bought croutons as well.

200g very ripe tomatoes

100g focaccia ripped into rough croutons or shop bought croutons


1 red onion

1 pepper

2 tablespoons red wine


4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

Salt and pepper 

1. First put your croutons into a medium hot oven to dry out and brown.

2. While croutons are cooking Cut your tomatoes , dice the pepper, and thinly slice the onion.

3. Place in a bowl with the vinegar and oil and about 10 ripped basil leaves. Add some salt and pepper and gently mix together. Finally add your croutons and toss together.

4. Serve. Immediately.

I find this dish tastier if the tomatoes are at room temperature. You can add some ripped mozzarella or feta to the dish to make more of a meal of it. We also served it on a bed of lettuce for a nicer presentation.


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