A quick but luxurious starter or snack that serves two. Can be served cold for a picnic or with a little salad. I have served mine with a peppered lemon mayonnaise. Dill mayonnaise works well too. 

200g sliced smoked salmon

3 medium eggs

50g flour

fresh or panko breadcrumbs. 

Vegetable oil


1. Place 2 of the eggs into a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes, then run under cold water to stop the cooking process.  When cool enough to handle crack the egg shell, then put back into the cold water. Next peel the egg in the water. Make sure to peel delicately as the yolk will still be runny.

Tip: Eggs are easier to peel when still a bit warm. 

2.When the eggs are cold, lay a piece of clingfilm on your work surface. Place a piece of smoked salmon in the middle of it as shown in the picture below.. You may need 2 pieces depending on size. Then place your eggs on the middle of the salmon.

3. Draw up the sides of the cling film and lightly twist to form a ball making sure all the egg is wrapped. 

4. Crack the 3rd egg into a bowl and whisk. Put a little flour into your second bowl, along with a few twists of black pepper. Add breadcrumbs to a third bowl or container. 

5. Unwrap the smoked salmon ball. Handling very gently coat it with the flour, dip in the egg mixture making sure it is all coated then roll in the breadcrumbs. To get a better coating dip again in the egg and the breadcrumbs. You will have some bread crumbs left over, this is normal as you can never just use the right amount. 

6. Pour vegetable oil into a pan making sure it is deep enough to cover the egg. Next deep-fry in hot oil for 2 minutes. Make sure oil is hot enough or it will just be very greasy. 

7.Drain on kitchen paper. 

8. Eat and Enjoy.

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