Exploring Christchurch Park, Ipswich

Those from Ipswich will know of this beautiful park and probably have visited countless times. Those who have yet to visit are missing out on a gem sitting right in the heart of Ipswich town centre. It covers over 33 hectares of grounds, offering different activities and areas of the park designed for different types of people.

The main entrance leads to christchurch mansion, A grade 1 listed building dating back to 1548. It has since been turned into a museum and art gallery with a collection of work inspired by East Anglia and Suffolk. It is currently home to the Ed Sheeran, Made In Suffolk Exhibition and is worth a visit if you are a massive Sheeran fan. It is currently closed due to covid-19 but I plan to update and provide pictures inside the mansion once it has reopened.

Two war memorials commemorate the fallen servicemen from the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2. These memorials can be found in the lower part of the parks. A quiet mayors walk can be found further along, with a plaque naming each mayor and when they served throughout history. Two ponds make nice areas to sit, relax and watch the ducks go about their day.

Christchurch Park has impressive facilities as well. Table tennis, bowling green, childrens play area suitable for young and old kids and an outside gym. Multiple toilets can be found throughout the park including in the education centre. Average to expensive refreshment kiosks are also located in the main parts of the park. The best activity found here are the tennis courts. Five courts, some surrounded by trees other in the centre of a walkway. It truly feels like you are playing at wimbledon or somewhere like central park, new york and I wouldn’t say that unless I truly believe it.

The park has its hotspots with high footfall, that’s for sure but it also has secluded areas where many people like to sit and read a book or sit amongst the wide range of flowers and foliage situated around the park. I truly believe this park is one of the best in the UK and is very mindful. It allows you to exercise and evoke emotions using the wide range of sports and activities. Sit amongst nature and just take it all in, helping you live in the moment and the fact its based in the town centre means many people can come here to relax on their lunch break or weekend.

Christchurch Park is host to activities all year round. The Wildlife and Education Rangers hold lots of events such as nature walks, arts and crafts activities, storytelling and trails for children of all ages. A firework event is held in November and gets lots of positive reviews. My personal favourite event is the Ipswich Music day, Normally at the first weekend of July, a day offering local artists the chance to perform in front of hundreds and thousands of music lovers across 5 stages. These days are great fun but it can cause stress for a lot of people. Try and visit this park at non-peak hours to get a wonderful mindful experience, bring a book, do some yoga or just sit back and watch the world go by. Christchurch Park is a fantastic place to do it.

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