Football Books to read in lockdown before the season resumes.

Football halted around the world as we focused our attention on battling coronavirus; now football is restarting with english football making its glorious return on June the 17th. The question is how do you fill the football void for those 2 weeks, football books is a great answer! The following is a list of 4 football books that will get you all excited for June 17th.

Bend It Like Bullard (Jimmy Bullard)

Jimmy Bullard is arguably one of the funniest men in football. Appearances on I’m A Celebrity Get me Outta Here and now the host of Soccer Am, the man’s a real sporting comedy gem. His autobiography follows his career from his early days as a youth player, playing under Harry Redknapp with some huge personalities such as Rio Ferdinand, Razor Ruddock and Pablo Di Canio. His call up to England and his experience playing for Clubs likes Hull, Wigan and Ipswich. Who can also forget about some top quilty Jimmy Bullard pranks. The book is a great laugh and Jimmy Bullard really does a great job of letting us in on his football life and the football world while making us giggle. I would 100% recommend this book but I do have a signed Ipswich Jimmy Bullard shirt in my wardrobe so I could be a bit biased here. 

How to be a footballer (Peter Crouch)

Another football funny man, Peter Crouch has played for some of the best teams in England and was a crucial part of the England set up at one point. If you listen to Peter Crouch’s podcast you will know how funny this man is. Unlike Bullards book, Peter takes a different approach and talks about the things that comes with being a footballer. Celebrations, music, tattoos and the team bus just to name a few. This book is more focused on the football world but Crouchy does also include lots about his football life regarding the topics he covers. This was winner of the 2019 Sports Book Award by The Telegraph and it really does deserves such an accolade.

Brave New World (Guillem Balague)

The Sunday Times Bestseller Guillem Balague was given access to Pochettino and his staff for a full season. It tells the story of one of the most talented and youngest managers in modern football in his own words. This book is not just for spurs fans, it is for all football fans. Following a team and a manager month by month in the biggest footballing season, Insight into Pochettino’s footballing mind, history and his current team. An extended version is available which includes the 2019 Champions League Campaign where they reached the final before missing out to an unstoppable Liverpool side. While this book isn’t funny like Crouch’s and Bullard’s, it is much more indepth and a serious football book.

A Photogrpahic History of British Football (Tim Hill)

Facts, Figures, Stats and Legends this book has it all, using photographs from the Daily Mail, the book explores the History of British Football through the decades. Starting with the origins of the game and 1900-1910 ending around 2015, spanning over 250 pages. This book is for all the history lovers out there or maybe your thinking about going on a quiz show and want to buff up your knowledge, then this book would be for you. Only a small majority of football fans will know about the history of the british game; normally they are those that lived through it. Why not pick up this book and learn a few new facts that you can surprise your football mates with when the footballing world reopens its doors.

Brave New World and How to be A footballer can probably be found in most bookshops as they are fairly new but Amazon or ebay would be the best option for the others. If you click on the title of a book it will take you to Amazon for those interested in a book. Thanks for reading and hang in there football lovers, not long to go now.

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