Short Book Review: Mindfulness Pocketbook, Little EXERCISES FOR A CALMER LIFE.

Gill Hansson follows up on their bestselling book Mindfulness: Be Mindful. Live in the Moment. With this simple pocketbook all around little exercises that will make your life calmer. The book has around 115 pages which is a very good size for a pocketbook and covers 54 topics.

The layout of the book is very simple, each topic has two pages, one page covering the topic and explaining it and how it impacts your mindfulness and life, the other page puts the topic into practice allowing you to use it in your life. For example if we take the finding a way to forgive topic, the first page explains that not forgiving someone is living in the past and forgiveness allows you to be free of negativity. The second page lists exercises, like reflecting on what has happened and focusing on how you have grown from it rather than how it has impact your life negatively. Another exercise is when speaking about the event to someone change the narrative and focus on how you forgave, learned and moved on, otherwise you focus too much on the pain of the past which hurts your life and ability to be mindful.

I found this topic to be interesting because even though I have no one to forgive it did make me reflect on my life and I realised sometimes you have forgive yourself about stuff that has happened in the past to truly move on.

Some of the other topics are as followed: Focusing your multitasking, overcoming cravings, making small talk, building your courage, commuting, cooking and connecting with food (Check out our healthy and enjoyable recipes on our blog), switching off the engine of your mind and over 40 more topics. This book does a lot of work to cover a range of different topics that may affect your life.

I appreciate the fact that this book was created not as one you read from the first page until the end but rather picking the topic that you need in that moment or day. The last thing you want when you are having a bad day or suffering from depression or something similar is having to sit and read 50 pages before you get the information you need. The book layout really allows you to jump in and get to the topic you want within minutes, which is a huge positive.

The book can be purchased online for a price between £2.50 and £10, which is a good price considering the amount of value a person can get from this book. I found this book very helpful and size allows it to be taken with you throughout the day. Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to check out my other book reviews along with my other content.

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