Bento boxes are a form of lunch boxes that mainly consist of rice, meat, noodles, vegetables and more. They are part of the Japanese, Korean and other Asian cultures. They have however recently become popular in the western countries. I decided to buy one allowing me to give it a go myself as making lunch can be quite a chore.

Who knew that making a pack lunch could be a fun and mindful experience. Its important to plan what food items you are going to have in your lunch box as space can be limited. Connecting with the food you are placing inside your bento can be a mindful exercise allowing you to apricate the food.

As you can see in my photo I decided to include the following in my Bento box. One compartment has shredded crab sticks, sliced pepper, broccoli, mini corns, cucumber and a lemon for freshness. The other compartment is rice with vegetables, boiled egg and crispy seaweed. One thing you may notice missing from this lunch box is rubbish food like crisps, chocolate bars and other high sugar items. Rice, noodles, meat and fish are the main focus for bento boxes by the Asian Cultures.

The fun of the bento boxes comes from organising it aswell. Planning out each section and what food goes with other foods allows you to be self-aware of what you are putting inside your lunch box instead of cramming as much rubbish as possible. Try new combinations, go crazy with it but most importantly make sure it tastes nice and is going to be good for your body and mind.

The Bento Box I purchased was from amazon at £18, which while yes is rather expensive but that means I will look after it more, rather than a £1 plastic one from any average pound shop. It comes with a good quality plastic cutlery set aswell. I wanted to give this bento an attempt after playing the game Inbento which is a fabulous bento box puzzle game and you can read my review here.

Thanks for reading and next time you make lunch, just really think about what you are putting inside your lunch box.

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