Short Review of Managing ANXIETY with CBT for DUMMIES

Managing anxiety with cbt for dummies is a simple yet effective self help book that will allow you to understand and tackle your anxiety.

Part 1 is a key part of this book as it focuses on understanding your anxiety. It first focuses on understanding the basics of anxiety. For myself I found this an interesting topic because for someone that suffers from panic attacks you forget that anxiety is actually normal and a very useful emotion. The book then looks at how anxiety takes over and when it is a problem. As soon as you start reading you will instantly relate to the words that are written if you suffer with anxiety. I have strategies that I use to avoid situations and after reading this book I became more self aware when I did this and the book also covers ways to combat unuseful strategies.

The cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that this book focuses on is very similar to what trained therapist and counsellors will go through with you. When reading the book I instantly recognised mapping anxiety. This involves using a past memory of an anxiety attack and identifying how the body felt at the time, and what you did or didn’t do in response to this. For myself thinking about the worse case scenario can stop me from pursuing something because of previous panic attacks, this was down to fear. This could help you if you’re waiting to see a specialist or want some self help because this part of the book is easy to do,

Setting Goals, Fears and breaking anxiety rules are covered in the the next three chapters, which all help with tackling your anxiety. A helpful part of the book is finding patterns, which is done over a week of writing down moments where you felt anxious and how you responded. This is helpful way of identifying how your anxiety works and then once you identified your ‘anxiety rules’ the book will help you attempt to break them.

The final part of the book is making progress and moving on. This section gives you activities and tips which allows you to start a journey of recoverment. The top ten tips for tackling anxiety at the end is an overview of the points that have been made throughout the book. So if you are struggling with the book or anxiety just reading the last 20 odd pages can be really useful.

To conclude, I would suggest buying this book if you suffer from anxiety and are not currently receiving any professional help as Managing anxiety with CBT is one of the effective options available to the public from professionals. I also found it useful even though I have done CBT before as there were points that I didn’t know about covered throughout, but most were familiar from the work I had already done.

My Top Extracts from book

“Many people find that being outside in the natural world helps them to feel calmer, more energised and more connected with the world around them.” This is one of the main purposes of my blog as a whole so it is good to see the book recommending this as part of the ten inspiring tips for moving on from anxiety.

“Uncertain Situations open up space for ‘What if.’ .” This is the number one thing I do when I worry, I think ‘What If’ and then focus on that prediction until it feels inevitable. The book teaches ways of dealing with this.